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Corporate Wellness LUNCH & LEARNS

Mobility for Optimal Wellness
Improve wellness and performance with increased mobility.  Discover exercises to help you thrive, whether you spend hours a desk or are a competitive athlete.  Sample exercises to incorporate into your day including core strength for stability, balance and proprioception, and foam rolling basics.

Stay Fit While You Sit
Learn how prolonged sitting affects optimal health.  Explore how to prevent these effects with proper work station set up, simple exercises to work into your day, nutrition, and chiropractic care.

Understand stress and how it affects your health.  Recognize the three types of stress and walk away with tools to manage and prevent those effects.

Take a Stand: Standing Desk Transition
Learn how prolonged sitting affects optimal health and how to transition to a standing work station.  Explore how to prevent effects of long term sitting through proper work station set up (sitting and standing), simple exercises to work into your day, and chiropractic care.

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We will come to your business or event and provide seated chair massage.

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Refer us to a local business or organization for a wellness program and receive a FREE 60-minute massage for use at our office.

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