Healthy Gut and the Immune System

Thrive Chiropractic, Minnetonka, MN, Insights, Healthy Gut and the Immune System, by Dr. Breanna Tivy

One of the most important aspects of a healthy gut is its impact on the immune system. If you were to stretch the lining of the gut out, it would cover the area of a tennis court! 70% of the immune system is contained within this massive lining.

Every day our bodies are introduced to new things via the gut and respiratory system.  This includes everything from chemicals and toxins to pollens. The job of the immune system is to identify and handle these things with ease.  It also decides whether to launch a response or not. When the immune system is compromised, it loses this ability.  The result is a tendency more toward sickness, allergies, inflammation and disease.

With such a significant percentage of the immune system housed within the gut, it is critical that we keep this environment as healthy as possible. This is accomplished in two different ways. The first is to avoid foods and chemicals that irritate the gut. The second is to introduce foods and supplements, such as probiotics, into the gut to allow the internal environment in the gut to flourish.

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