What Does it Mean? How Do I Take Control?

During the month of March, we are focusing on the topic of immunity. There has perhaps never been a time when this topic has been more relevant. Living through a global pandemic has put the topic of immunity at the forefront of our daily lives. The fact of the matter is, most people aren’t really sure what immunity is, let alone how they can take control of it. We will be exploring what affects the immune system and how we can work to foster a healthy immune system naturally.

Fostering Immunity Naturally

Some of the areas we will be considering are stress, sleep, exercise and nutrition. Each of these have a distinct effect on immunity. And while each area is important in and of itself, I think it’s most important to acknowledge that immunity is not all or nothing. It’s not something that is simply turned on or off. It is a complex system that is at work at all times, but can be boosted or suppressed by nearly every action we take.

Taking Action

Often when presented with information and recommendations that involve lifestyle, it can be easy to enter a state of overwhelm. It’s first important to acknowledge the things that you’re already doing well, and next look at what seems approachable in terms of change. Ask yourself if the actions you’re taking are moving you closer or further away from health. Like the immune system itself, our behaviors are a complex network that work together for a greater cause, and every little change has an effect.

Be well!

Dr. Breanna Tivy

Doctor of Chiropractic | Minnetonka, MN

Learn more about the relationship between the immunity and its relationship to exercise, sleep, stress, and nutrition.

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