Massage Therapy + Chiropractic Care

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Massage therapy and chiropractic care are a powerful combo.

Did you know that along with chiropractic and acupuncture, we also offer massage at Thrive? While many people choose to seek out massage at a spa or massage specific business, there are many benefits to receiving massage here at the clinic.

Collaboration in your Care

One of the greatest benefits is that your massage therapist has direct access to your chiropractor. This means that your chiropractor can provide specific input about what issues you’ve been working to address, along with any other notes or concerns. This means that your massage will be much more specific and therapeutically focused than a relaxation massage. That said, if relaxation is what you’re looking for, our therapists are happy to provide that as well. 

Better Results

Massage is also a great compliment to your chiropractic care. When the doctors at Thrive deliver a chiropractic adjustment, they are aiming to restore proper motion and function in the joints that house the nervous system. All the muscles in your body are attached to the bony structures underneath. This means that if there is tightness or imbalance in the muscles, they inherently affect the function of the joints they are attached to. The muscles may pull on these joints and restrict the motion of these joints. If a massage therapist can work to relax tight muscles, this allows your chiropractor to more freely move these joints, and it also allows the adjustment to hold for a longer period of time. 

More Hands On Care

Finally, there is one other little perk to massage at Thrive. At several massage therapy spas, when you book an hour massage, you only receive 50 minutes of hands-on time with the therapist. At Thrive, whether you book an hour or 90 minutes, you will always receive the full amount of time in massage! 

Learn more about therapeutic massage at Thrive Chiropractic and how we stand out from other Minnetonka massage options.

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