Our Favorite CBD Products

Favorite CBD ProductsHow does CBD work?

Our bodies have a system of receptors called the Endocannibinoid System (ECS) specifically designed to react to hemp based products. These receptors affect the nervous and immune systems which regulate a variety of functions in the body such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep, and appetite that can all benefit from from CBD products. Learn more.

Our Favorite CBD Products

There are so many benefits to CBD but we have a few favorite products & usages we’d like to share with you. These are our staff and patient go-to’s!

Looking for products for pain? Talk to your chiropractor about which CBD product is right for you. We have a variety of excellent products. However, it’s important to also holistically address the source of your pain. CBD and chiropractic care can be a powerful combination for addressing pain.

Learn more about Choosing a Quality CBD Product, call with any questions, or stop by during our office hours to shop locally.

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