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With over 25 years of clinical experience, our doctors combine their passion for wellness with strong expertise in a multitude of treatment approaches. They integrate soft tissue treatment, stretching and rehab into each treatment for a holistic and effective health care solution. In addition to chiropractic, Dr. Lynn is a fully trained acupuncturist.


Integrating soft tissue treatment, stretching and rehab into each treatment for a holistic and effective health care solution.


Working with the flow of energy in the meridians of the body complementing balance and wellness.


We have two excellent massage therapists on staff, Sara Martens and Jeff Kleinbaum.

Chiropractic Dr. Lynn Miller and Breanna Tivy

I was suffering with a painful hip for about six months before seeing Dr. Lynn. After two months the pain is gone. I can walk up and down stairs without pain now. What a relief!”

Norma V.


Since 2008 I’ve had chronic sciatic pain. After two spinal blocks I came to see Dr. Lynn. 90 days after the first office visit the pain was gone. I consider myself healed.

Julia. A

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The doctors at Thrive Chiropractic are committed to community outreach. All of our wellness programs are always free of charge, and our way of bringing wellness to our local businesses and community.


Visit us today and receive the following for just $37!

  • Consultation
  • Exam
  • X-Rays


Show your employees they are appreciated! Our doctors will come to your business or event and provide 10 minute seated chair massage.


Our doctors will come to your business and provide a wellness lecture on topics like Stress, Sitting Survival, Nutrition, and Peak Performance.


Refer our doctors to a local business for a wellness program and receive a FREE 60 minute massage for use at our office.



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With over 25 years of clinical experience, our doctors combine their passion for wellness with strong expertise in a multitude of treatment approaches.

Chiropractic Dr. Lynn Miller and Breanna Tivy

Dr. Lynn Miller


Chiropractic Dr. Lynn Miller and Breanna Tivy

Dr. Breanna Tivy


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Sole Supports

Sole Supports

New Product at Thrive!

Think about your feet for a second. No really, just think about them. Feet are a part of the body that we use every single day. We walk on them, pound on them, twist and turn and sit on them. And yet, other than the cute or functional footwear we buy for them, we don’t think too much about them.

That is, until they refuse to let us ignore them because of the pain they cause us. The pain most commonly associated with the arches and heels of the feet is plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a layer of tissue that runs along the arch of the foot between the forefoot and the heel. Due to a variety of factors like poor footwear, naturally high or low arches, weight gain, or varied exercise without proper support, this tissue can shorten and tighten. When you then try to stretch that tissue, like when you step out of bed barefoot in the morning, the result is pain through the arch and heel.

One of the best ways to combat plantar fasciitis is with proper footwear. That said, if the arches of your feet are low or collapsed, even supportive shoes may not be enough. Even if you’re not yet experiencing pain, it’s important to realize that the arches of your feet are the foundation of your body. When the arches don’t have proper support, the ankles tend to roll, the knees twist and the pelvis tilts. All of this from those pesky little feet that we neglect.

The best way to manage plantar fasciitis, or to generally provide good support to your feet is with a custom orthotic. A custom orthotic is designed to provide support to your specific foot, and can also be moved between different shoes for consistency.

Here are Thrive we are happy to provide custom orthotics from Sole Supports. They are made from custom casts of your feet and can be made to fit nearly any shoe, cleat, skate or boot. Casting takes only a few minutes and is done in the clinic, and the orthotics only take about a week to get back.

Now through the end of September, we are happy to offer our patients 10% OFF SOLE SUPPORTS CUSTOM ORTHOTICS!

How to Relieve Hip Pain

How to Relieve Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common symptom of alot of my patients.  I have had great success in treating many contions that cause hip pain and I have discovered some simple exercises and stretches along with my adjustments that can help eliviate hip pain.

First exercise is to sit on the edge of a hard chair.  Make sure you feet are flat on the floor and your knees are at a 45 degree angle.  Put a ball about the size of a soccer ball between your knees and gently squeeze the ball for a total of 5 reptitions.  If you have no trouble with the 5 repetions, repeat 5 more and notice how you now have better range of motion in your hips when you stand up.

This is a great exercise to do before running, as it helps hips to properly rotate before the impact of the run.

A great stretch to do for hip pain is to lay on your back and bring your right knee up and hug it into your left shoulder.  You should feel the stretch in your buttocks.  Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat on the opposite leg.  If  you feel a pinch in the front of your leg when doing this strech, it means you have a pelvic misalignment and other muscles are “pinching” and you need a chiropractic adjustment which will relieve this.

I hope these little tips help, and as always, please feel free to contact me with questions!

I look forward to taking great care of you!

Dr. Lynn Miller

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