Foot Issues, Orthotics & Chiropractic

Foot Issues, Orthotics & Chiropractic

We see a lot of big-time foot issues like plantar fasciitis during this season as more people are outside and on their feet.  We’re getting to the bottom of how foot problems and pain affect the rest of the body, along with what you can do.  Read on, or catch Dr. Tivy’s video on YouTube here

Causes of Foot Issues & Plantar Fasciitis

Foot pain and issues, particularly plantar fasciitis, are super common for a few reasons.  First, a lot of people are running around on improper footwear.  Many are also carrying extra weight their bodies weren’t meant to carry.  Further, we walk on hard surfaces most of the time that our bodies weren’t intended to be roaming around on full time. 

How does this cause problems? The foot is created like a tripod with three main points.  Stretched between this tripod is a sheet of tissue called the plantar fascia.  With these strenuous factors on the feet, this tissue gets stretched and strained.  As a result, there is pain in the arch of the foot and toward the heal of the foot where that tissue connects with the bone. 

Feet, Foundations & Chiropractors 

Fallen and painful feet are further problematic because they are the foundation for everything above.  So, now you have knees sitting above feet, pelvis sitting above knees, and low back sitting above the pelvis.  Therefore, if you have feet that are fundamentally dysfunctional, everything above that can tend to go by the wayside as well. 

Correcting Foot Issues 

Chiropractors look at the function and structure of the feet to get those joints moving well.  We also examine the structures that sit above the feet like knees, hips, and low back for proper function.   

Custom orthotics can help and be highly effective by creating support for your natural arch.  We create a mold of your natural arch by casting in a seated position, versus an arch that you’re already standing on that is squished down.  Subsequently, by creating a mold of that natural arch and supporting it, we can create good stability and foundation for your feet and everything the rest of the way up. 

Custom Orthotics Fittings 

If you would like to come in and have us cast a pair of custom orthotics, give us a call.  It takes only a few minutes for a fitting.  We’re also happy to help you address any foot or related knee, hips, or low back issues.  Learn more about your first visit here.

We look forward to seeing you thrive! 

Dr. Breanna Tivy

Chiropractor, Minnetonka

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