Stress & Massage


Stress & Massage

It’s summer of 2020 and we can say one thing with certainty – we are living in some crazy times! While we navigate through a “new normal”, one universal theme that we are hearing is more stress. 

As a wellness clinic, we are always striving to provide services and products that help to promote overall health and wellness. In our current climate of increased stress, massage is a fantastic tool that can be used to provide some relief. 

How massage reduces stress 

Times of stress stimulate a portion of the nervous system called the sympathetic system. This is also known and our fight or flight system. While designed to keep you safe from a biological perspective, it can have several adverse effects on the body when stimulated for too long. You can think of it as having the gas pedal in your car stuck down.  Studies have linked long term stress to many diseases.  

On the other hand, massage stimulates another part of your nervous system called the parasympathetic nervous system. You can think about this as the brake pedal in your car that slows the body down. This allows your body to rest and reduces the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Additionally, serotonin and endorphins – your “feel good” chemicals – are produced, leaving you with an overall more positive mental status. 

More Benefits of Massage 

Perhaps more important than ever, massage provides a designated chunk of time for you to step away from the constant demands of life. For many folkwho are now working from home during this pandemic, there is little separation between work life and family life. This can make it difficult to feel that there is ever just “down” time. Time on the massage table allows you to get out of your environment to create time and space devoted simply to caring for yourself. 

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Combatting Stress

To learn more about different types of stress, how stress affects your body and practical ways to combat stress, tune into our Stress Series on YouTube.

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