Flip Flops, Foot Pain & Chiropractic Care

Flip Flops, Foot Pain & Chiropractic Care

June marks the official beginning of summer for Minnesotans. Schools are letting out, sports are in full swing, boats are on the water, and we’re ready to take advantage of it all. Another hallmark of summer here is allowing our toes out into the world after several long months of hiding away in boots of all variations.  

Flip Flops, Foot Pain & Plantar Fasciitis

Flip Flops Foot Pain

Each year with the transition to flip flop season, we see an uptick of patients complaining about foot pain. As chiropractors, we always look at shoes first, and we often see a direct correlation between flat and flimsy flip flops and foot pain. The arch of the foot is comprised of a sheet of tissue called the plantar fascia, which is anchored by a tripod of points in the sole of the foot – two on the outer parts of the forefoot and one on the heel. When we put these arches on a flat flip flop with no support, that tripod collapses and this creates tension on the plantar fascia and its attachment points. The result of this is foot pain, most commonly referred to as plantar fasciitis. 

Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Fortunately, we have a variety of ways to address plantar fasciitis in the clinic. The doctors at Thrive can work to mobilize the joints of the foot and relieve tension on the soft tissue and fascia itself. We are also now offering custom made flip flops that provide the support of an orthotic with freedom of a flip flop. We simply take a cast of your foot in the clinic, you choose the style you prefer, and they create a flip flop made to support your specific foot. Providing foundational support through great footwear is the best way to proactively prevent plantar fasciitis. 

Stop in to check out the different styles that are offered or ask your doctor at your next adjustment. We want to help keep your feet and foundation happy this summer! 

Dr Breanna Tivy

Doctor of Chiropractic | Minnetonka, MN

Casting Custom Orthotic Flip Flips

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