Endurance Athletes & Chiropractic

It’s March in Minnesota and mother nature is giving us glimpses of spring! For many, this is the time when training starts for sporting events from 5Ks to marathons and triathlons.  We are passionate about supporting athletes in this journey!

“If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do.” Michael Phelps

Endurance Athletes & Sports Injuries

Endurance sports test our bodies through continuous, recurring movements over prolonged periods of time. Injuries occur in sports when these repetitive motions cause stress, imbalance and inflammation.  Unfortunately, as chiropractors, we typically see these athletes in the midst of their training once they’re experiencing an injury or symptoms related to their training.  We applaud all of the amazing individuals striving toward a goal, from newbies to pros.  However, we want them to know is that many of these injuries could be avoided if chiropractic were used as a part of their training tools from the beginning.

Chiropractic & Optimal Performance

There is a reason that endurance athletes like Lance Armstrong and Boston Marathon winner, Meb Keflezighi, incorporate chiropractic care as a regular part of their training regimen. Chiropractic works to keep you performing at your best and to help prevent injury during training.

Chiropractic helps athletes achieve maximal performance by restoring optimal function in the body, promoting stability, balance and flexibility. Maintaining optimal levels of function also reduces potential of injury by eliminating patterns of dysfunction and compensation. That is to say, when parts of your body are moving efficiently and as intended, you eliminate the chance that other parts are having to alter their function to compensate for dysfunction.

Your Spring Training

So as events are being booked and training schedules are beginning, we encourage you to take the opportunity to be evaluated to find out how you are currently functioning and how we can help you set yourself up for success. It is always easier to maintain function and health than to fix injury once it’s occurred!

Dr. Breanna Tivy | Chiropractor Minnetonka