Spring into Wellness!

Spring into Wellness

This month, we are springing into health with a commitment to wellness. In the world of chiropractic, we like to differentiate between active care and wellness, or maintenance care. During the active phase of care, we are working to actively change existing patterns of dysfunction that are the root cause of the symptom we’re treating. During this phase, treatments are more frequent and we are looking to reduce your symptoms while maximizing your overall function.

Once you’re feeling and functioning your best, many people think that treatment is over. However, this is precisely the time that we want to work to maintain these results. When we maintain a maximum level of function in the body and nervous system, your body performs better, you feel better, and you are better protected against future injury. Wellness care focuses on proactively maintaining and creating health rather than trying to patch up problems as they arise.

Learn more about active vs. wellness care here.


The Wellness Rewards Program at Thrive creates ease in staying on track and committed to your chiropractic wellness. It is a monthly auto-debit membership program in which you choose between 1, 2 or 4 adjustments per month at a discounted rate. Members also receive discounts on products and services in the clinic. Joining the program helps save time and money while increasing your level of success with your care. Learn more about the exclusive benefits here.

Spring into wellness with Thrive Chiropractic!


Dr Lynn Miller & Dr Breanna Tivy

Doctors of Chiropractic in Minnetonka

Look at pain in a new perspective and learn more about our doctors’ holistic wellness approach to chiropractic care in Dr. Tivy’s guest appearance on the Art of Living Well Podcast.

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