Wellness Rewards Program

Wellness Rewards

Wellness Rewards Program

Why a Wellness Rewards Program?

WELLNESS…. This word rose above all others when we considered the impact we’d like to make in 2022.  How can we positively and proactively foster better health in our community?  Wellness has always been our passion, but sharing its value has never felt so urgent.  So, we created a  program to support consistent, foundational health.  Best of all, it’s flexible, holistic, and fully customizable to your needs and goals.

How does it work?

It starts with the lowest prices on chiropractic care for yourself or the whole family – your choice: once, twice, or four times per month.  Getting adjusted regularly provides a solid foundation for health.  Proper alignment supports the nervous system which controls every tissue, organ, and cell in the body.  When we’re not properly aligned or moving well, we experience irritation and interference in the nervous system.  Because the nervous system controls everything in our bodies, communication issues have widespread impact on things like immune system function, physical and mental performance, sleep, digestion, stress and mood regulation, etc.  Consistent adjustments give our bodies the best chance at optimal health.

Next, we’ve included flexible discounts that support your individual wellness journey. Members receive 10% off any product, plus an additional 5% off any supplements on autopay.  Whatever your goals, we’re here to support you.

Whatever you are tackling in this season of life, we’ll support you any way we can through education, products, supplements, and resources.

Wellness Rewards


  • Best Results: The number one reason to join our wellness rewards program is results.  The same applies to any consistent commitment to your health such as healthy eating, exercise, etc.  Keeping your body functioning appropriately in a preventative manner helps you be healthier in the long term versus patching up and fixing problems.  In addition, when you’ve been taking good care of your body and have an injury or flare up, digging back out of those little holes is much quicker and easier.
  • Best Prices: Wellness rewards members receive the lowest prices on chiropractic adjustments, products, and supplements.  Additionally, members get bigger discounts the deeper their health commitment.  For example, members getting adjusted weekly receive a deeper discount than those adjusted once a month.  Members committing to a supplement routine on a monthly basis can benefit from an additional 5% discount through autopay.
  • Most Efficient: Because your card will automatically process on the first of each month, there’s no need to pay each time you come in.  In addition, many of our wellness members like to schedule a month or more ahead online at a consistent time.  This all helps patients book and swing in for their appointments efficiently without missing or forgetting.

Who is eligible for the Wellness Rewards program?

Most patients who first visit Thrive Chiropractic have a period of care, called acute care, when we’re focused on specific concerns before they are eligible for wellness care. As you begin to feel better, we work toward ongoing wellness care that helps maintain the gains you’ve made and prevent those symptoms from recurring or new symptoms from popping up.  Learn more about wellness care vs. acute care here and talk to your chiropractor about whether you’re eligible for wellness care.

Health & Wellness Encouragement

We’re here to support your wellness journey in any way possible.  We’re happy to answer questions and provide suggestions and resources, as appropriate.  Join us for Thrive After Hours workshops on various health topics and social media for ongoing encouragement and tips.

Learn More

Please reach out with any questions via email, phone, or at your next visit.

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