Phases of Care: Active vs. Wellness Care

Phases of Care: Active vs. Wellness Care

Myth Buster: “Once I start seeing a chiropractor, I have to keep going back.”

In the world of chiropractic, there are many misconceptions that we hear regularly. One of the most predominant is, “I hear that once you start going to the chiropractor, you have to go forever.” While this is fundamentally not true, there are patients who choose to incorporate regular wellness care into their lives. This begs the question, what is wellness care and why wellness care?

Phases of Care: Active Care

Most people are introduced to chiropractic care because they have some problem or symptom that needs to be addressed. When a patient begins care with a specific concern, this care is considered a period of active treatment. During this phase, visits are more frequent and the goal is to change dysfunctional patterns that have likely been present for some time and get the patient feeling better.

What’s important to distinguish is the difference between FEELING better and FUNCTIONING better. When a body is functioning well, it has the ability to change and adapt to the stressors in our lives. It also allows the body to perform at its highest level and prevents us from injury, damage, and degeneration.

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Phases of Care: Wellness Care

While the initial phase of care is to get you feeling better, ongoing care is focused on attaining the highest level of function possible and maintaining it.  Our daily lives come with a myriad of factors that affect this function.  Physical stressors range from sitting too much, not getting enough exercise, accidents and injuries, to poor diet and nutrition.  Mental stressors may include work, relationships, finances, etc. Once you’re feeling and functioning better, ongoing wellness care helps maintain that function in the face of all of these factors.

Wellness chiropractic care can be viewed as part of your preventative health care program, like regular exercise or teeth cleanings that prevent decay and cavities. Regular chiropractic care works to maintain proper function and prevent development of new injuries or symptoms.  And just like regular car or home maintenance, wellness care aims to help you perform optimally & THRIVE for years to come.

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